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Eco Chic sells upcycled furniture online. Upcycling is the process whereby an item rendered useless is reinvented as something both useful and creative. It is a very eco friendly way to buy, as it cuts down on the amount of new materials needed, as well as reducing landfill. In a similar way to recycling, you will find that furniture produced in this manner has an undeniable charm that simply cannot be replicated in brand new products that are fresh from the factory.

If you love the idea of taking an old item and making it new, exciting and useful, then you will love the furniture that we offer here at Eco Chic. Great furniture really has the ability to make a space, whether it is your bedroom, lounge or entertaining area. Our great range of beds, sofas and dining furniture covers many styles, including pieces that adhere to modern, classic and vintage design elements. Here at Eco Chic, you are sure to find that extra special ‘feature’ piece that will help to turn your house into a home.

If you are looking to buy upcycled furniture, make sure check out our furnture and lighting sections.

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